This page will feature issues about retirement around the globe, because, believe it or not, we in the United States can learn from what other countries are doing.  After all, while we take it for granted that Social Security is too much of an embedded entitlement to make any changes without a deep and immediate financial crisis, countries around the world have been implementing changes — and no, not just the austerity-fueled cuts in Greece, but places like Norway, Sweden, the UK, and Australia have made significant changes in their systems.

Key information sources:

Social Security Programs Throughout the World, published by the Social Security Administration in collaboration with the International Social Security Association.  These are descriptions of the Social Security programs provided worldwide.

Pensions At a Glance, published by the OECD.  The link goes to their home page for all public pensions information, at which you can download the full publication or go to statistics, or even a pension calculator.

Additional sites:

Pension and Investments – news articles, primarily on the investment side

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One thought on “International Retirement Issues

  1. Hello,
    I am 58 years old, been working since 16, paying taxes, paying my dues. I have 24 years of contribution into the Teamsters Central States, Southeast and Southwest Areas Pension Fund, which is woefully underfunded. I am one of the 400,000 participants who either contributed, or our employer contributed, every payday in good faith with the thought that this would be contributing to our retirement. I am not looking for blame, I am not claiming to know what happened to the money. I am simply looking for a sign that someone is going to help with this huge problem. I am one of 400,000 hard-working Americans who do not know what their retirement plan is worth. How can we turn our heads and hearts away from this? Are we (members) supposed to work until we die to keep a living wage coming into our homes? After contributing for all those years into our pension? I do not believe this can be left alone, I believe this needs government assistance to pull it out, to bail it out if you will, just like the banks and auto makers were helped in times of trouble. Please! Do not leave us stranded!


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