2 thoughts on “Forbes Post, “Why AOC Is (Mostly) Wrong About Post Office Pensions: An Explainer”

  1. This woman is a threat to common sense and financial well-being everywhere.
    We need laws to prohibit morons like her from serving elected office. She can’t perform surgery or practice law without being licenses, why should she be allowed to screw up a $20 trillion economy and wreck $100 trillion in financial assets owned by Americans ?


    1. The Postal Service is not a ” Solvent Entity ” or private enterprise. It is part of the US Government. The reality is no other Federal agency has to pre-fund retiree benefits. Not the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, the Secret Service, Not Congress. No other part of the Federal Government has been forced to do this. The entire intent of the PAEA was and is to bankrupt the US Postal Service so it can be privatized for profit. In the hands of Vulture Capitalists the $70 billions dollar non profit will be become $100 billion dollar plus enterprise at the expense of the citizens of the US. Increasing cost and decreasing service. Precedent in the Privatization of the UK Royal Post has shown that postage will more than triple. There is an effort to privatize postal systems around the world., not just the US. The USPS is service to the American People, just like Social Security, Medicare, your library, ect; not a business enterprise. The PAEA was passed in response to Congressional hearings several years prior,in which Fed-Ex and UPS claimed the US Postal Service was unfair competition.


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