5 thoughts on “Forbes post, “So, Hey, Why Not Just Remove The Social Security Earnings Cap?”

  1. Well if you don’t want to raise the cap how about making the govt pay back the 3 trillion it has borrowed from social security?


  2. In addition to removing the SS earnings cap why not exclude those individuals who earn over 100k a year from receiving any social Security insurance?


  3. invest in large marijuana grows and reschedule the drug and the tax revenues should be enough to continue social security as well as fund school systems nation wide. Maybe buy MMJ from mexico and let that country become financially independant and flourish.


  4. This is a proposal to make social security solvent. Your argument against the proposal is that if we come up with the money to make social security solvent, we might want to spend the money on different things instead?

    When you go to the grocery store, do you stand in an aisle for 15 minutes, blank-faced, before you realize that you could be spending that time at a doctor, or watching a movie, or writing asinine propaganda to support the interests of the wealthy, before you leave without making a single purchase?


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