5 thoughts on “Forbes post, “$2,000 Stimulus Checks – And What Happens To Social Security And Retirement When The Money Printer Goes Brrr?”

  1. Thank you all for the money it was desperately needed. A second check is still in need and desperately. This would help my family more that u could ever know. So I’m asking you to please help us get back on our feet with our bills car repairs rent light bills all of it. Please help my family.
    Thank you n God bless.


  2. I’m us citizen since
    30 years ago married with Mexican girl about 2 years she is living in Mexico waiting for her visa ,I’m retired since 62 years old receiving small pension from social security for that simple fact the us government hold my CARE check I’m kind of desperate with all kind of bills on my back is this really fear from us government???


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