3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “Biden And Warren Want To Eliminate The Windfall Elimination Provision. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.”

  1. Yes..all public employees should be able to pay into Social Security! I’m currently trying to decide if I should leave public service so I can increase my substantial earning years. However the GPO seems much more puniative than the WEP, hopefully you’ll write about that too.


  2. I read your article on the WEP provision and why it is wrong to have this law repealed. I disagree with you.
    When a worker pays their FULL Social Security taxes and meets the 40 quarter requirement, they should
    receive their Full Social Security monthly benefit and not be penalized by WEP.

    There are over 1.9 million retired workers affected by WEP even though they paid their FICA taxes.
    Lets go after the people who payed NO FICA taxes and receive Social Security and Medicare benefits.
    There are spouses that NEVER worked nor paid into Social Security and they receive 1/2 of their
    spouse’s benefit. This is wrong and is another reason why the Social Security funds are going to run out.


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