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Here’s the scoop: this is a site which I primarily use to invite comments on the retirement-focused articles I write at Forbes. (My intentions to add in more reference material to increase the usefulness of the site as a source of reference material for interested readers are still largely sitting on the to-do list.)

Separately, I write as Jane the Actuary at; it’s a mix of Catholic-specific content, more political blogging, some personal items here and there, a few recipes.

I am playing around a bit with this, though, and will be experimenting with using this website as a means of writing more policy-specific articles that aren’t suitable for Forbes (because they’re not retirement-related) and aren’t really suitable for Patheos, either (because they’re too nerdy).

Venting (and opining, generally speaking), however, will still be reserved for the Patheos blog.

In any event, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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