3 thoughts on “Forbes post, “What Does A Pensionless Future Mean For Age Discrimination?”

  1. Forced out of IBM after 28 years. Definite age discrimination. Most of my peers knew targets were on their backs regardless of their contribution or status in the company. It was a culling of older workers and has been going on for decades. One month’s severance after 28 years is disgraceful! IBM has used the H1B program to hire cheap labor and force out older workers!


  2. Age discrimination is here to stay, with nothing worse than a company like IBM paying a government fine, if IBM or others should slip up. The new America or New American, who retires successfully, is the person who creates his / her own retirement. This will be based on using ones work years to establish an alternative income, such as rental houses (for example). As much as possible, this must be a non-working income, since we get old, sick, and become unable to work. The 401K Plan was intended as the final nail in the coffin of Pension Plans. We will see 401K plans go away. Probably Social Security too, with the passage of time. Only CEOs and top Executives will retire successfully in the future. I sit at the bottom of the ladder. The Great Recession and health ended my worklife. I’ll skip how this may end. It shouldn’t be this way. Bookmarked your site, for I see you speak the TRUTH. Pretty rare today. Thanks!


  3. Will there ever be any compensation for the salaried Ford employee that retired in January 1997, they took my insurance and then forced me to take the buyout.


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