7 thoughts on “Forbes blog post, “Social Security Isn’t Fair – And That’s Actually The Point”

  1. for the benefit of the entire ssa system I believe that we should all be charged the same PERCENTAGE of our ENTIRE income regardless of whether we earn 10k dollars or 10 B dollars. Then the payouts should be capped to not replace more than 25% of our base salary up to a maximum of 20,000 dollars/year. the payout should be taxed only after SSA + other income from any other source = exceeds 30.000 dollars/year.


    1. $30,000 is a drop in the bucket these days, considering costs of living for mortgages, HOA fees, rent increases,
      insurances for auto and home, utilities, out of pocket medical bills, food, and auto repairs.
      It would be more like it if a retiree or worker was earning more than, say $65,000 per year.


  2. We have earned our S.S. and Medicare benefits and they are NOT “social welfare” funds. We paid taxes into them for 45/50+ years AND SO DID OUR EMPLOYERS. THOSE BENEFITS ARE FOR US WHO PAID INTO THE SYSTEM – NOT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS OR ANYONE WHO PREFERS NOT TO WORK BUT REAP THE BENEFITS OF MONEY OFF OUR BACKS. Also, understand that persons receiving S.S. may stand to have taxes deducted from their S.S. if it exceeds certain gross adjusted income amounts.
    We also pay (with annual increases) Medicare which comes off our S.S. and we ALSO PAY FOR ADDITIONAL HEALTH CARE INSURANCES. Retirees need every cent the receive from S.S., pensions, and investments.
    You, writer, have not worked long enough to realize what’s at stake. When a country decides to gut, reduce, and tax seniors retirement incomes, it then becomes an ethical issue and reflects how well a country cares for its Americans who have paid into the system.


  3. Too bad, Elizabeth. You could have written a good article without all the Trump bashing. Sorry you harbor so much hate; it must be rather debilitating sometimes, like when you write about a serious topic but are compelled to mix it with your political views.


  4. I don’t think you really pointed out that Social Security is already progressive in nature due to the multiple bend points. A recipient receives: 90 percent of the first $895 of average monthly earnings, 32 percent of the amount between $895 and through $5,397 and 15 percent $5,397 up to the max.


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